How To Lease A Car

If your like me you are confused and even scared to lease a car.  I can tell you, when I talked to my friends about leasing a car, they all told me to watch out.  Every one of them recounted a different horror story, from dealers cheating on the lease calculation, to dealers changing cars out on them after the forms are signed.  I have to say, I was intimidated and frustrated.  But I was determined to lease a car.  I found a few sites that talked about leasing a car, and some postings on forums, but they were all basic information, and most were sponsored by the car companies....can you really trust them.  I stumbled upon a site that had a pretty extensive car leasing guide for sale, and decided to take the plunge.  Boy was it worth it, I ended up reading the guide twice and then, following the tips in the guide, was able to contact a dealer online, spent about 10 minutes deciding which options I wanted, and got a no haggle quote back within 2 days.  The best part is the dealer was local so all I had to do was walk into the dealership, do my test drive, and sign the paperwork.  It only took about 2 hours, and I was in and out.  I ended up saving about $6,720 off the price of the car and leased the car for less per moth then I was paying for my 4 year old car.

I want to let everyone know about this auto lease guide because it worked so well for me. For the price of one of those fancy coffee drinks I saved over $ 6,000 on a car lease. I think everyone needs to know about this.